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If you don’t know; How to Make Folders iphone? This guide help you to make it easy. Folders are a great way to organize your iPhone’s apps and make using it easier.

Apps in the same category should be kept together, so I was delighted when iOS began doing that automatically in the App Library.

Users of the iPhone can be roughly divided into two camps: those who browse their apps’ folders and those who conduct a direct search for the desired program.

For sure, count me among the first category. In case you’re interested in joining that elite group of people, here are the steps to take.

How to Make Folders iphone?

  • First, tap and hold the home screen of your iPhone until the icons of your apps start to jiggle.
  • Press the home button until the icons on the screen begin to wiggle.
  • The next step is to select one app and then drag it to another app to make a new group.
  • You can organize your apps by dragging and dropping them.
  • Third, place the program inside the new directory.
  • Put the program into the new directory you just made.

Both applications will be placed in a new folder, which can be renamed and left at any time by touching anywhere outside of it.

When rearranging, folders function similarly to applications. In order to relocate the folder, you need only hold the home screen until the apps jiggle, and then drag the folder to its new location.

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Does the iPhone allow for nesting folders?

The iPhone allows you to nest folders within each other. Assuming you’ve already made both folders, you can simply drag and drop one into the other to combine them.

It’s important to keep in mind that folders function similarly to applications. Thus, the apps in the two folders will not merge into a single folder, but rather, one folder will be contained within the other.

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