How to Restart Apple Watch – Complete Guidance

If you want to know how to restart the Apple watch then you are at the right place. The Apple Watch often runs for days without having to be turned off. If your smartwatch is unresponsive or you’re having other problems, however, it’s necessary that you do this first.

Read on to find out how to manually restart or power restart your Apple Watch.

According to Apple, turning off the Apple Watch and then turning it back on is the standard approach for restarting it.

Before you attempt to restart your Watch Series, check to see whether it has a sufficient quantity of battery life, and remove it from the charging base if it’s already being charged; you won’t be able to restart it while it’s charging.

Note that you shouldn’t restart or force a restart when updating watchOS. Apple also recommends “never force restarting your device if it is not responding” in extreme cases.

How to restart your Apple Watch?

If your Apple Watch stops responding, you should know how to restart it. Here are simple methods to restart your watch. After following these steps, you can easily do this.

The following instructions are for watchOS 9.

  • First, if your Apple Watch is charging, take it out.
  • Second, keep the side button down until the power icon shows in the screen’s upper-right corner.
  • Third, turn the power on by pressing the switch.
  • Slide the switch to the “Off” position.
  • The last step is to push and release the watch’s side bezel till the Apple logo shows after you’ve turned off the watch.

Step by Step guide to restart Apple Watch (watchOS 8 and Earlier):

  • To begin, remove your Apple Watch from the charging dock if it is currently doing so.
  • When you press and hold the side button for two seconds, the Power Off slider will appear on the screen.
  • Slide the switch to the off position to turn off the gadget.
  • You may restart your Apple Watch by pressing and holding the side button when the Apple symbol appears.


Restarting your Apple Watch is your only choice if it is unresponsive and you want to force it to start up again. If your Apple Watch is not responding, you will need to restart it.

During the process of upgrading to watchOS, you should avoid restarting your Apple Watch unless it is absolutely required. As soon as you see the Apple logo and the progress wheel, you should stop using your watch and allow it to charge completely before attempting to use it again.

Pressing and holding the side controller and digital crown simultaneously for at least 10 seconds will force a restart. Hold off on releasing the buttons until you’ve noticed the Apple logo.

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