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How to Turn off iphone 13? It has become more unnecessary to put your iPhone into sleep mode as time has gone on. This does not suggest that it is not feasible; rather, it only indicates that there are certain procedures for turning off your iPhone.

Because of our increasing dependence on always-on, always-connected electronics, less and fewer of us would ever consider abandoning the airplane mode on our iPhones. This is especially true among younger generations. In point of fact, beginning with the iPhone 13, there is no longer a physical power button on any of the many models of the iPhone.

However, turning off your iPhone is still required in order to do tasks such as preparing your device for sale, sending it out to be maintained, or troubleshooting. This article will show you how to put your iPhone 13, or any other iPhone that was launched during the last three years, into sleep mode.

How to Turn off iphone 13?

Although the iPhone 13 Pro served as our test device, these procedures ought to be applicable to any of the more recent iPhone models.

The CliffsNotes Method, which involves the use of physical buttons

Just Press the power button and left side button at a time.

Having Access to the Preferences Via the Menu

To access the power slider, simultaneously press and hold the side button as well as either volume button. This will bring up the power slider. You have the ability to force your iPhone to turn off by moving the on/off slider all the way to the right. It may take up to thirty seconds for your iPhone to totally power down before it does so.

Using iOS, you won’t have any trouble turning off your iPhone either. To accomplish this, go all the way to the bottom of the page under Settings > General. Select Shut Down from the menu on your phone, and then move the power button to the right to switch off your device.


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