Samsung galaxy a31 price in Pakistan – Detailed Review

Samsung introduced the Galaxy A31, part of their redesigned Galaxy A series, in the first half of 2020. It’s the successor of the Galaxy A30, released at the start of 2019, and the Galaxy A30s, released in August of the same year. The Galaxy A31’s improvements include a triple camera setup, faster processor, higher-resolution front-facing camera, and prolonged-lasting power.

In this tutorial, you will come to know about each and everything about the Samsung galaxy a31. So keep reading!


  • Samsung Galaxy A31 was priced at around 41,999 Pakistani Rupees (PKR) in Pakistan.


  • Colors included in the Spectrum Crush line-up include black, blue, red, and white.


When compared to rival Android phone makers, Samsung consistently produces the most aesthetically pleasing models. The 2020 Galaxy A31’s design is in keeping with the company’s standard aesthetic.

The “Glasstic” rear is minimalist and stylish, and it houses a rectangular camera module. The exterior frame, which seems to be made of metal, is really made of polycarbonate, a lightweight material with similar properties. Despite packing a sizable 5000 mAh battery, the Galaxy A31’s compact size, well-balanced build, and ergonomic curves make it very easy to carry and use.
Having an AMOLED screen is a step up in sophistication. Unlike the Galaxy A51 and A71, this version’s display does not have a trendy central “punch-hole.” The display on this device, on the other hand, is seamless. In its place is the Infinity-U notch, or water-drop notch as it is most often known. Additionally, the bezel at the base is thicker. The speed and reliability of this optical fingerprint sensor are both enhanced by its in-display location.


Both the Vibrant and Natural color profiles are available to the user. Although you can adjust the color temperature, the Vivid setting leans toward blue by default. The ‘Natural’ setting is preferable for us. The goal is to provide consumers some leeway in adjusting the hues to their liking.

The screen was legible even in bright sunshine, and it included a well-executed dark theme and Always-On widgets.

This display is perfect for watching movies and other shows. The gadget has been certified as DRM L1 and works with popular streaming services like Netflix and YouTube.

The screen is protected by Gorilla Glass (version undetermined), and a screen protector is not included with the device. The screen’s premium oleophobic layer also makes it somewhat resistant to fingerprints.


  • Sixty-four gigabytes of storage with four gigabytes of RAM
  • 128GB of storage with four gigabytes of RAM
  • 128GB of storage with six gigabytes of RAM


The Samsung Galaxy A31 has a main camera with 48 megapixels and two secondary cameras with 8 megapixels for ultrawide and 5 megapixels for closeup and depth, respectively. Some of the most popular features are absent, but the phone’s cameras and specs are on par with those of competitors in this price range. Lacking a dedicated night mode makes photographing in low- or high-light situations challenging. The limited pro mode provides no benefits either.
The sensor is 48 megapixels, but it doesn’t perform well enough in daytime to justify a four-camera system. Under strong sunlight, the camera’s color accuracy suffered, but it still managed to snap usable details and relatively noise-free shots.
The 5MP sensor is put to use in live focus to create bokeh effects in photos, which blur the backdrop and make pictures seem beautiful and detailed even in broad daylight. Colors seem more accurate than they would via the main lens, yet something is still wrong.


Under-display biometric fingerprint reader, accelerometer, gyroscope, distance sensor, and barometer.


The Samsung Galaxy A31’s battery is a significant upgrade over the 4000 mAh cells seen in the Galaxy A30 .
The battery life of this phone has been greatly improved with the addition of an internal battery with 5000 mAh and a 15 watts charger. In our drain test, the device lasted for an impressively long time—17 hours and 18 minutes. It took a total of two hours and 22 minutes to fully charge the smartphone. Watch the battery test in its entirety in the video embedded below. The Galaxy A31’s battery is powerful enough to keep up with you all day, and if you’re not a regular user, it can last for two days on a single charge.


The Samsung Galaxy A31 has several pros, including:

  1.  It has large display.
  2. Good Performance: Its performance is good.
  3. Stunning looks
  4. Superb AMOLED screen
  5. Strong battery
  6. Impressive Camera Setup: The phone has a quad-camera setup.
  7. Sleek Design: With its low size and narrow bezels, the Galaxy A31 provides an excellent looking experience.
  8. Value for Money:The phone provides a satisfying mix of useful features and sufficient efficiency for the price, making it a solid choice for economical shoppers.


Here are some potential cons of the Samsung Galaxy A31:

  1. Camera performance suffers in dim light.
  2. weak microprocessor
  3. The screen refresh rate might be improved.
  4. Inconsistent fingerprint reader
  5. Software updates: Samsung is known for providing software updates to their smartphones for a few years after release. However, it’s possible that the Samsung Galaxy A31 might not receive as many software updates as some of the more premium smartphones in the market.


The Samsung Galaxy A31 is a noticeable advance in terms of specifications when compared to the A30 and A30s from the previous year; nonetheless, it is slower than its predecessor and has worse photography skills. This phone is not the best option for playing demanding games online since the CPU is not very powerful. This gadget could seem like a fantastic alternative for Samsung enthusiasts who aren’t interested in engaging in labor-intensive activities.

It’s possible that the phone’s long battery life is its biggest asset. Its cameras are particularly impressive, and its battery life is excellent. However, it may not be the best choice for heavy gamers or those who demand the absolute best performance from their smartphones

Samsung’s assets, such as layout, multimedia expertise, One User Interface programs, Samsung Pay, and editing and photography software, help set the Samsung Galaxy A31 apart from other handsets in its price category. The high-end service has a number of advantages.

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