Samsung Galaxy A51 price in Pakistan With Full Details

Samsung Galaxy A51 price in Pakistan

  Samsung Galaxy A51 was around PKR 47,999. Please note that the prices may vary depending on various factors such as location, availability, and promotions. It’s recommended to check with local retailers or online shopping websites for the latest and most accurate pricing information.

Specifications for the Samsung Galaxy A51:

Samsung Galaxy A51


The Galaxy A line has always aimed to provide high-end specs in a budget-friendly package. These high-end additions often have a sleek, modern look. Despite the iPhone SE’s similarly antiquated design to the iPhone 8, the original justification for choosing this phone still stands.

The front of the phone has an edge-to-edge screen with a hole punched out for the camera. Similar to the Galaxy S20 line, a rectangular camera bump can be seen in the top left corner of the device’s back. Since the camera hump doesn’t protrude too far from the back of the device, the phone stays put while it’s sitting on a flat surface. It’s a great improvement, and I hope more cameras with this design make a comeback to the market.
Switches for turning it on and adjusting the volume are on the right, while the SIM card slot is on the left. The USB-C port and, yes, a headphone socket on the bottom of the gadget will appeal to music lovers. The phone’s edge-to-edge screen makes it easy to slip into a pocket and has an ergonomic design that fits snugly in the hand.


The market-leading AMOLED display is just one more reason to buy a Samsung phone like the Galaxy A51. With a length of 6.5 inches, an image quality of 1080p resolution, and a frame ratio of 20:9, the A51’s display is impressive. Its clarity is impeccable, its colors are vivid, and its viewing angles are superb; in short, it is a work of art. Additionally, it has Gorilla Glass 3 for safety. The A51 also allows you to see the time and alerts without contacting the screen thanks to the Always-on function. However, take in mind that this choice results in a little quicker battery drain.


  • Six or eight gigabytes of Random Access Memory
  • 128 gigabyte of internal space


One of the most compelling features of the Galaxy A51 is, unquestionably, its cameras. Samsung enhanced the Galaxy A50s’s 48MP camera, making it one of the phone’s most appealing features. The Galaxy A51 then maintains the same standard while adding superior hardware.

The Galaxy A51 has two cameras: a primary 48MP sensor with an admirable f/2.0 aperture and a secondary twelve-megapixel ultra-wide sensor with an astounding f/2.2 lens and a 123-degree angle of view. In addition to being the first Samsung cell phone, it also has a five-megapixel f/2.2 deep sensor and a five-megapixel f/2.4 microscope lens.
The camera does not really take snapshots at 48 MP; instead, it employs a process called pixel binning to create twelve-megapixel images.

Since it combines the functions of four pixels into one, the resulting image should have improved exposure and clarity. Photos produced with binned pixels are very detailed and have an almost accurate colour rendition compared to 48MP shots. Low-light images taken with this approach are also superior to those taken with the previous model Galaxy A50.


Lower performing processors or pixels on displays are often a cost you pay for more battery life. When coupled with the Galaxy A51’s internal 4,000mAh power source, even light use will last for more than a day. I made it through the first half of the following day without any problems, and I imagine that the same is true for the vast majority of people.

Unlike some other budget phones, the Samsung Galaxy A51 doesn’t allow wireless charging. The rapid charging is just 15 watts of electricity but that’s still really fast.

    Other features:

    • On-screen fingerprint sensor
    • Samsung Pay
    • Android 10 


    • Superb quality
    • Stunning display
    • Samsung Pay (NFC) is a great piece of software.
    • Specific Slot


    1. Display: The Galaxy A51 has a 60Hz refresh rate, which is lower than some other mid-range smartphones, making it less responsive for gaming and other intensive tasks.
    2. Performance: While the Exynos 9611 chipset used in the Galaxy A51 is good for day-to-day use, it is not as powerful as some of the other mid-range chipsets, which can result in slow performance for heavy tasks.
    3. Camera: While the camera system on the Galaxy A51 is good, it is not as good as some of the other mid-range smartphones in terms of low light photography.
    4. Battery Life: The battery life on the Galaxy A51 is average and may not last for a full day if you use your phone extensively.
    5. Build Quality: The Galaxy A51 has a plastic back and frame, which may not feel as premium as some of the other smartphones in its price range.


    The Galaxy A51 is an improvement over last year’s Galaxy A50s in every significant category, including screen, lasting power, and photography. If top-tier gaming capabilities aren’t required but you are interested in a phone that can multitask well, make watching too much enjoyable, take great pictures, and operate all day on one battery charge, the Galaxy A51 is your only choice.
    It is a competent smartphone, but it faces stiff competition from a wide variety of other excellent models. But it in no way makes this less of a viable choice. The Galaxy A51 has several things going for it, including a good screen, a stylish design, and a camera that can provide decent results in good lighting

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